Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures For Your Lime Green Cinco De Hotness

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bill-swift - May 8, 2012

And how did you celebrate your Cinco de Mayo?

Though not of Latin heritage, who am I not to go hog wild in celebration of anything to do with a victory over the French (aw, c'mon, France, we kid, you're a wonderful nation of hot women, but back in the day, you did rule parts of Mexico with an iron fist of brie), so, yeah, I had uno o dos too many cervezas and didn't wake up until the evening of Seis de Mayo. But I really wish I had been in Vegas at the Bud Light Party where ungodly hot Maria Menounos was getting her sextastic lime bikini on in a manner that can only be described as faptastic.

We did our best to cut out her silly male dancing partner from Dancing With the Stars, as best we could to present clean, uncut, unadulterated ridiculously hot Maria Menounos bikini pictures. Because that is the best kind of hangover helper. Enjoy.