Malin Akerman Breast Dressed in 2017

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aldo-vallon - October 23, 2017

 Chalk another tally mark under the column of unfair social norms in our society. The last time I tried wearing a blazer with no shirt on underneath I was not even let in the front door. Adding insult to injury the doorman even called me low class. I could not believe it. And then there is Malin Akerman. She goes topless under a blazer with a space theme and people see fit to deem her one of the best dressed. 

I will concede that she looks a fair bit better than myself when going shirtless. I do not know if it is only the low resolution of my computer screen, but I cannot see a single chest hair. Her attention to detail is quite impressive. She looks so good that I am even going to refrain from using a Uranus joke. For all that Malin has given me I think that is the least that I can do. I hope she continues to go shirtless long into the future.

Vanity Fair and Saks Fifth Avenue International Best Dressed List ceremony 2017


Photo Credit: Splash News