Maitland Ward Body Paint and Nothing Else for ComicCon 2016

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bill-swift - July 25, 2016

I could lie and tell you I know exactly the character our friend Maitland Ward was homaging with body paint and her otherwise nude body over the weekend at Comic-Con. Sadly, I was chasing girls in high school and had little time for nerd pursuits. If only I'd known all the nerds were going to get all the girls on down the road, I might have had a superior strategy.

Maitland gifted us with a behind the scenes look at her body paint prep work, from paint on, to paint off in the shower later in the day. You can see the more revealing outtakes on EgotasticAllStars, but suffice it to say, paint is not a pure substitute for clothing. Even a little bit of clothing. Rather bold to go out in the streets of a town filled with 50,000 horny fanboys in just some Sherwin-Williams colors. My how that veteran hot curvaceous body on Maitland blends in so perfectly to Comic Book proportions. Like a 1940's illustrator with a crush on busty girls painted her himself. Go go Maitland. Enjoy.

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