Madison Beer Nude Magazine Hottie

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bill-swift - April 4, 2017

Oh, that this were Madison Beer Nude IN A Magazine. A month after turning barely legal it was certainly something I anticipated, and misread, and now am a tad bid in tears. Rather, it's Madison Beer in Nude Magazine. I hate to accuse anybody of mislabeling their product, but c'mon.

On the positive sextastic note, Madison Beer and her hot body and whatever she's pretending to be in the music world were showing off in beach casual wear out and about Los Angeles for this Nude magazine spread. The amount of potential for lingering allure this young woman has under her clothes is tremendous. We will get there I'm quite sure. Visually speaking. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but is next Tuesday good for you, Madison? I'll bring my blush kit. Mostly for me. Such a hottie. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Nude magazine