Madison Beer In A Crop Top Is Everything Your Day Needs

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elliot-wolf - September 24, 2018

Growing up I heard there are somethings that you should take daily that are good for you. An apple, your vitamins, and long ganders at Madison Beer in a crop top, just to name a few. Whoever invented crop tops needs to have a medal made in their honor. It’s like a convertible shirt, the top is completely missing for a more enjoyable experience for all, the wearer and the watcher. I much rather be a watcher than wearer for obvious reasons.

Madison makes looking hot look easy. She should look into writing a bible, or some kind of book on the subject. Beer is a bonafide goddess, writing down a few tips on paper would greatly help others out. I’ll even be her first follower and loyal disciple. I would love spreading the good word of Madison Beer who is here to help all women achieve their attractive potential. And if I’m lucky, maybe she’ll agree to go on a brunch date with me daily. Just so I’m able to get my everyday suggested intake of friendly Beer leer. In the most respectable manner that a man can stare at a woman of course.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram