Madelaine Petsch Tight Black Bra

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aldo-vallon - July 22, 2017

Madelaine Petsch's skin glows like a full moon and it is making men howl like wolves. I too feel a bit of the wolfman inside me. One does not need to have a fetish for gingers in order to have a thing for this beauty.

She radiates such sensuality that it is easy to look past the ridiculous Elizabethan ruffles that top makes it look like she has around her neck, subliminally inspiring me to recite ol' Bill Shakespeare to her. Not that it would be possible to get distracted from her boobs for too long, making it difficult for me to remember my own name let alone a sonnet. Especially when those peaches are put on display accompanying a tight black bra. A girl does not need to have double d's to make men give double takes, and that pair is exhibit A.       

I wonder what the world record is for undoing button-fly jeans? Given the right conditions, and Madelaine in those shorts being a necessary condition, I bet I could beat it. Looks like I have yet another inquiry to make with my old friends at Guinness. Undoubtedly it will go unanswered. 

Photo Credit: Da Man Magazine