Luke Cage Intro Done Family Matters Style (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - October 12, 2016

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When I was a kid "must see TV" was a block of programs on Friday night on ABC. This was the legendary TGIF line-up. Full House was the anchor but pretty soon a new show called Family Matters became a sensation. The show started out as a sitcom of a cop and his family living in suburban Chicago and was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers. Then they introduced a nerdy neighbor character named Steve Urkel and the rest is history. I'll fully admit I was in to this show. Kids don't have any taste and I wasn't exactly smooth like Stephan Urkél. Must see TV nowadays is shows like Netflix's Luke Cage. This show is badass, but it's dark as hell. It could maybe use a little bit of Steve Urkel style hijinks.

Leave it to the Internet to fill in the void and make an intro for Luke Cage in the style of Family Matters. Did I do that? No, but some genius did. 

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