Luisana Lopilato Ultimo Lingerie Pictures for the Ultimate in Hotness

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bill-swift - May 9, 2012

Sure, I could spend the next few sentences decrying what a lucky bastard that Michael Buble is for getting to cock-and-fiddle with super hot Argentinean model Luisana Lopilato each evening in their marital boudoir, and, trust me, that's exactly what I'm thinking.

But, today, I'm going to try to rise about the petty jealousies that invade ever nook and cranny of my being and just enjoy this redux version, with higher quality and some new photos, of Luisana Lopilato from her Ultimo Lingerie photoshoot we brought you originally this past February. Is there anything not to like looking at these photos? I imagine the lingerie itself is outside of my own Target-Walmart budget range, that is, it probably doesn't come in 3-packs/$10, but I'd bust my bank (not to mention a couple nuts) to afford seeing it in person on the likes of Luisana. Just so damn hot. Enjoy