Lucy Liu’s Nude Lesbian Vampire Sex Scene with Carla Gugino

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bill-swift - April 6, 2007

Well, it's pretty much all there in the title. Lucy Liu, nude, in a lesbian vampire sex scene. With Carla Gugino.

That's basically all you can ask for, really. This scene from Lucy Liu's new movie, Rise: The Blood Hunter, in which she plays a Vampire Hunter, is pretty sexy, what with the Carla Gugino licking Lucy Liu's face, though I could do with a little less blood.

We've also got another clip of Lucy Liu waking up in a morgue on a body slab, locked in the wall. Note: If you're claustrophobic, this might freak you out. The movie is also said to show Lucy Liu nude in a full frontal scene.

How come they never showed this kind of thing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?