Lucy Aragon White Mesh Bikini Butt Crack for A, Hello, Egotastic, My Name Is Lucy, Dis Is My Butt

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bill-swift - January 10, 2015

Lucy Aragonis either best known for being one of the stage members of The Bachelor reality show, or for being friends and girlfriends with famous people. She's supposed to be dating that Snapchat billionaire on paper, but who knows, she could be dating a nearly broke blogger, eh? Eh??? No, it's the billionaire.

Lucy receives occasional scorn for being so camera happy and attention seeking. Which seems like pretty silly criticism given that (1) that's the entire point of being a semi-employed model looking for billionaire boyfriends, and (2) she's got a stellar hot body and why would she do anything else but show it off? It's her duty to flash that booty, as she does in a white mesh top on Miami Beach. Join the party, Lucy. We're making smores later. I'll be the marshmallow. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash