Lindsay Lohan might be in trouble again, is kind of fat

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editor - January 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan walked around Malibu yesterday without a care in the world, which is weird considering how thick her legs look in those shorts, but also because prosecutors are now meeting with Dawn Holland, the woman she assaulted at the Betty Ford Clinic and then bribed into changing her story.

Radar says...

Owen Mcintosh, the new lawyer for Dawn Holland, told Radar, "As far as I know the Riverside District Attorney's investigation is still on-going. They briefly spoke with my client last week but we have not heard anything more from them relating to any charges them may or may not be pursuing."

Christ what is there to even investigate? Lindsay bribed this woman to change her story and lie to police. And she did while on probation. That's illegal, right? So go arrest her. This is serious, this isn't some legitimate gray area where both sides can make valid points, like in a rape.

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