Lindsay Lohan Still Thinks She Has Talent

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bill-swift - October 26, 2006

I hate to have to break it to Lindsay Lohan, but the reason people are interested in her is not because of her talent. That couldn't be the reason, because she has no talent. What she has is big breasts, a pretty face (sometimes), and the uncanny ability to do and say the dumbest things. That's why people are interested in Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, Linsday still thinks she has talent. And apparently, one of her talents is doing accents. British accents to be specific. And aren't we lucky, we get to hear it in Lindsay's next movie, reports The Sun.

I'm going to London in the spring to make a movie with KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. It's a period piece and my character has a British accent.

But its crazy. If I hang out with a British person for an hour or so, I start talking just like them. I can pick up accents pretty well.

But I don't want to be remembered like Van Dyke.

Don't worry, Lindsay, no one will remember you like Dick Van Dyke. Though your lesbian love scenes with Keira Knightley might draw certain comparissons...

Now, to clear up any doubts about the quality of Lindsay's accent versus the quality of Lindsay's chest, here's a classic (and cleavagey) Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Lindsay Lohan as a very grown-up Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

Video:Lindsay Lohan as a busty Hermione Granger on Saturday Night Live