Lindsay Lohan is Knicks’ Lucky Charm

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bill-swift - December 28, 2005

I don't know much about sports. Apparently, they are some sort of physical activity usually done outside of appartments. And often including other people. Sounds strange, I know. Anyway, Lindsay Lohan was at the New York Knicks' game on Friday, and some people are crediting her for turning around the Knicks' recent losing streak, reports Fox News.

Yes, indeed, that was teen queen bee Lindsay Lohan sitting courtside last Friday night at the New York Knicks-Utah Jazz game at Madison Square Garden. Her "date" was her younger brother, Cody. Some may think Lindsay helped the Knicks break their losing streak that night with their much needed 98-90 win over the Jazz.

Seems like all the players needed was a little "motivation," doesn't it. She definitely "motivates" me. And you've got to check out the last pic after the jump. That guy is totally checking out Lindsay Lohan's ass.