Lindsay Lohan is Out of Rehab, In Her Bikini, and Joining the Paparazzi

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bill-swift - July 4, 2007

If there's one thing Lindsay Lohan is, it's predictable. I'd call her other things, but I'm afraid I'd get sued. Anyway, back to predictable, just a day after leaving rehab, Lindsay Lohan is back in her bikini, and hanging out at the beach. Not that we didn't see Lindsay Lohan in her bikini at the beach while she was in rehab, mind you.

Still, it's not like Lindsay is going to let Paris Hilton and her post jail bikini take all the spotlight. No, Lindsay Lohan is going to make sure you pay attention to her, even if she has to take the pictures herself. Which is apparently what she's doing. In fact, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is cutting out the middle-man entirely, and becoming her own Paparazzi stalker.

Whatever makes you feel special, Lindsay. Judging by the size of that camera, I think Lindsya Lohan likes 'em big.

Update: Added tons more pictures, with lots and lots after the jump!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News