Lindsay Lohan – Engaged: Maybe. Bikini: Definitely

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bill-swift - September 1, 2006

So, what's the big rumour today? Why, that Lindsay Lohan may be engaged! That's right, those clever paparazzi followed Lindsay's boyfriend, Harry Morton, all the way to the Cartier jewelry store, where Extra TV claims he bought an engagement ring.

Sources tell "Extra" exclusively that Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend, Harry Morton, just purchased an engagement ring for her at Cartier in Beverly Hills.

In a statement to "Extra," a representative from Morton's company, Pink Taco, says, "I can confirm that Harry was shopping in Cartier...but what he purchased I cannot confirm. If it was in fact a gift then that's between him and whomever the gift is for."

Now, let's look at this rationally. Lindsay Lohan is 20, Harry Morton is 25. She drinks, he doesn't. She smokes, he doesn't. She does drugs (allegedly), he doesn't. She's unfaithful, he's, well, I don't know, but he is stinking rich and has his choice of probably any girl in Hollywood, especially now that his fame quotient has been properly elevated to the status of Starlet's Boyfriend.

If it's real, it's as real as having been manufactured by publicists to keep Lindsay in the spotlight even more. If they do get engaged, they won't get married, and if they do get married, it won't last. Although they might get a reality show deal out of it.

Of course, the question remains, are they engaged? I don't know. I do know that they are in Hawaii (romantic), and Lindsay is in another bikini. Some things never change.

More Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures after the jump. There should be Hi-res soon.

Update: Here are the Hi-res pictures. And I think, for the first time, LIndsay is actually wearing a bikini she's worn before! OMG!!! Seriously, though, check it out: Still Even More Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures - Now with a Hint of Nipple

Harry Morton at Cartier

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