Lindsay Lohan is Lusty

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bill-swift - March 14, 2006

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan rumour, n'est pas? Page Six spotted Lindsay on a rabid hunt for Colin Farrell at the premiere of Ask the Dust starring Farrell and Salma Hayek.

Man-eating minx Lindsay Lohan is at it again. After hanging out with Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney at Bungalow 8 on Wednesday night, the teen queen hit the Piaget-sponsored after-party for the new Salma Hayek/Colin Farrell romp, "Ask the Dust," at the SoHo Grand on Thursday. Double-L wasted no time asking about Farrell, with whom she's been linked in the past. "She was intent on finding him," said one guest. Told that Farrell was filming elsewhere, she pouted with her girlfriends, perking up only when British heartthrob Clive Owen chatted her up.

Of course, from the look of Lindsay in these pictures, it doesn't quite matter who she's chasing, guy or girl. But I'm not knocking her. A healthy libido is a good thing to have. Especially when your a publicity hungry starlet looking for exposure at every turn. Hmm, I guess I am knocking her. Oh well.

Tons more pictures of Lindsay Lohan being cheeky after the jump.