Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant!? Baby Bump or Bloated Belly? You Decide!

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bill-swift - March 5, 2008

Hey everybody, let's start a rumour that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant! Because it's either that, or she's fat... Well, fat might be a bit harsh (albeit more fun), but she's definitely bloated in the baby bump area. Is it a food baby, as Juno would say, or has Lindsay Lohan been sperminated by one of her multiple man-whores? Who knows! Who cares! Let's all make up wild speculation and spread unfounded rumours and speculation!

Seriously, though, with every other Hollywood starlet getting knocked up, I wouldn't put it past Linsday to find the nearest sailor / Greek shipping heir, and spread her legs wider than Paris Hilton at a gymnastics convention.

Photo credit: Splash News