Lindsay had an open container when she crashed

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editor - June 13, 2012

This is a story from 2007 about Lindsay Lohan hiding alcohol, probably straight vodka, in a water bottle because she thinks people won't notice as someone gets drunk, seemingly for no reason, right before their eyes. This is a story from 2011 about the same thing, because she was still doing it 4 years later.

And this is a story about her car crash on Friday, because despite 6 trips to rehab and 5 to jail, she's still "hiding" vodka in water bottles.

...cops confiscated a plastic water bottle from the trunk of the Porsche, and our law enforcement sources tell us the bottle contained alcohol.
It's not a violation to carry an open container in a trunk, so Lindsay is in the clear. And according to cops she had no alcohol in her system.

That seems very hard to believe. Lindsay couldn't pass a drug test even if it was true-false.
"Are you drunk?"
"Yes. Wait, shit, NO, I meant to say no."

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