Lindsay Ellingson Wet Bikini Super Hottie

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bill-swift - July 1, 2015

San Diego hottie and Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson has been missing from our lives for the most part since getting married and ruining the good thing we had together when she was single and had nobody complaining about her dressing up in panties and slips for the cameras. Alas. I need better control of this universe.

Thankfully Lindsay is back in swimsuits all wet and shiny and sextastic for summer, Daily Summer to be precise. She really is a marvel of mammaries and amazingly alluring body in the California girl tradition. Tan and lovely and such very inviting lips. I suppose much of that is set up for the female viewers, but in this era of gender neutrality, I'm going to assume some of it for my own prurient self. Please, Lindsay, come back to us in little more than silk and satin undies. The world needs you now more than ever. And, by world, I mean myself. Desperately. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Daily Summer

Lindsay Ellingson is a super babe with a body built in heaven.