Let’s Take A Tour of ‘Shameless’ Star Sammi Hanratty’s Very Hottest Thong Bikini Shots

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aldo-vallon - November 26, 2018

I fell off of watching Shameless a couple seasons ago, but now that I know the show is still bringing in talent like this, I do believe my interest has been piqued once more. I suppose I should be assuming she doesn’t show much more on the show than what she is showing here, otherwise I would have seen them already, but I still want to hold onto hope that there is a chance.

I think I can now relate to all of those men that went west in order to find gold. Only instead of abandoning women in my search for fortune I am abandoning any hope of attaining a fortune by searching for a woman. I believe our struggles are comparable.

I have discovered that some years ago Sammi played the role of An American Girl doll. I think that is fitting since even now she has managed to attain her dollish features. Her eyeballs seem to take up a large portion of her face. I doubt that is a mere coincidence with her casting, any more than it was a coincidence that Randy Quaid played the redneck uncle in the Vacation movies. Both of these stars were born to play their respective roles.



Photo Credit: Instagram