Leonardo DiCaprio Points the Peen of Fortune at Paige Watkins

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Lex Jurgen - January 6, 2017

DiCaprio model fucking isn't a solo sprint, it's a relay. He runs all the segments, which is saying something considering his four seasons paunch. The trick is in the smooth baton handoff. You don't ever want to be without hot young model pussy on your tip. An hour seems like a lifetime. 

While still officially dating lingerie model Nina Agdal (below), DiCaprio's been spotted clubbing with Paige Watkins, an equally brilliant conversant. Watkins made the big move recently from Florida to Los Angeles to establish her modeling career. There are twenty Greyhounds a day packed with the same hopefuls who were the hottest chicks at their high school seniors' beach day. How could you possibly stand out in this dog-eat-dog business?

Enter DiCaprio penis. Like a Potter wand. Apertus vaginus! DiCaprio doesn't even have to lay out the bargain any longer. It's spelled out on the wall of the women's room at 1OAK next to the tampon dispenser. There are worse ways to get ahead. Like working hard. DiCaprio's dick is the bottle in spin the bottle. Shriek aloud if it stops on you.


Photo Credit: Splash