Lenny Kravitz Cast As Marvin Gaye And Five Other Musicians Who Dropped Their Guitars And Flocked To Hollywood

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bill-swift - November 30, 2012

It looks like rocker Lenny Kravitz is about to the play the Prince of Motown himself, Marvin Gaye in a new movie biopic of the sultry singer which will be filmed in 2013. Kravitz hasn't fared to badly in Hollywood over the last few years, playing a small part in 2009's critically lauded Precious, but it'll be quite a stretch to hear him belt out the likes of Let's Get It On and Heard It Through The Grapevine without picturing him with dreadlocks rocking out to thoughts of Lisa Bonet.

It seems like no one's ever happy with mega-success in the entertainment industry. Musicians want to act. Actors want to sing. Kardashians want to pretend to not be slutty jokes. And lest we forget Kazaam, the movie in which Shaquille O'Neil not only acted in but also rapped in. Why can't anyone be satisfied?

It seems like musicians can't stop themselves from popping up in front of movie cameras! But the weird thing is that unless you're Britney Spears in Crossroads, it sometimes works. So here are five more singers who thought they could act and were proved right!

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