Leilani Dowding Goes Half-Scorpion Hottie in the Desert

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bill-swift - March 23, 2013

Sometimes I get my yoga poses mixed up with my cheerleading poses, as I'm an avid follower/ogler of both female stretchy time activities, but whatever it is, our hottie friend Leilani Dowding was working it out in the desert in her skin tight workout gear.

Why exactly Leilani was working out in the shrubs and tumbleweeds of the barren landscape, I do not know. She is a bit of a batty bird as the Brits like to say, so the explanation could easily have to do with the numbers she read in a fortune cookie directing her to an alien landing sight. Or, it could be just her giving back to the road weary gentleman travelers who get to see her in all sorts of sextastic poses alongside the arid byways of the desert as they drive past. In any event, our is not to question, merely to stare and drool. We're very good at that. Enjoy.