Lea Michele Decked Out Cleavage in Canada

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bill-swift - June 12, 2017

Lea Michele is riding high again on some TV show that looks so incredibly horrible I can't bring myself to even look up its name at the moment. I no longer cry about craptastic entertainment as I used to. Not to mention Glee is not the highest bar, and everything in entertainment these days is relative.

That being said, Lea always shows up showing off something for all decked out events. She's a red carpet mainstay including this event in Canada that seemed super important, for Canada. Lea showed off some of her not extensive but always appreciated cleavage in a little black number that lets you know she knows how to be formal, but also that she's been working out and you'd love to see the results without clothes. 

I'd like to invite Lea to my Body Mass Index testing center. It's largely me, and empty room, and my tongue running up and down Lea's naked body determining her natural fitness level. In addition to how much she tastes so ever close to cherry. Yes, it's been FDA approved. Behold my printed certificate on the wall. I'm good with Powerpoint. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News