Lauren Pope Black Bikini at the Beach Club

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aldo-vallon - August 1, 2017

Simply stunning as always. And should I expect anything less from Lauren Pope? Of course not, but with all the horrors I have seen beautiful women subject themselves to in a hopeless attempt to overcome low self-esteem I cannot help it. The day may come when Lauren strips down to her summer wear only to reveal a butchered boob job, or botoxed face. On that day you can trust that I will handle all the details related to hosting a wake. But that day is not today, and that is reason enough to rejoice. So feel free to bask in the glory of Lauren Pope as she herself basks in the Sun.  

Here I was thinking that high-waisted swimsuits stopped being made in the sixties. Does my ignorance know no bounds? But hell, maybe they did. I would not be surprised if Lauren has some connection to get vintage swimsuits that belonged to the starlets of the time. A swimsuit like that must wreak havoc on your tan lines though. If she spends too much time out in the sunshine she is going to look like she was the first recipient of a torso transplant with a much paler woman.

Photo Credit: Splash News