Lala Kent DGAF Taking Four Tequila Shots At The Bar Right Before Driving And Looks Sexy Doing It

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aldo-vallon - October 5, 2018

It is a bold strategy that Lala Kent is implementing here, but not one that I recommend. Where I am from this sort of behavior is known as tactical pregaming. If a person drinks a copious amount of liquor immediately before they go out then they could legally be under the limit and safely drive to their destination. Then once they get to the party they do not have to try and play catch up by drinking shot after shot as they already have liquor coursing through their veins.

I want it made known that I do not advocate this action, but I think it is important to document. There are simply too many uncontrollable factors for me to use it in my own life. What happens when if the soon to be drunk driver hits unexpected traffic? They are already in a race against the clock to get where they are going, and now they will run the increased risk of hitting the magic number while they are still behind the wheel. It just isn’t worth the risk in my mind. That is why I use the butt chug to catch up.



Photo Credit: MEGA