Lais Ribeiro and Martha Hunt Spandex Volleyball Sextastic

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bill-swift - April 27, 2017

Let the ladies in Spandex sextastic rumpus continue! Victoria's Secret brought out stellar and steamy bodied young pros, Lais Ribeiro and Martha Hunt, for round two of their stretch pants and sports bra pimping extravaganza long Miami Beach. This time, the motif was girls playing volleyball on the beach. You don't need to know the Olympics TV ratings by heart to know this sport dominates the airwaves every four years. And not because people love to watch volleyball. 

Lais and Martha battled in a passion inducing game of bump, set, and spike, while playing the more important pimping role of, buy my Lycra and you will look like me when working out this summer. It's a dangerous game. Though not for us gentleman oglers who have to put in zero work to witness any of the winning results. These fine female forms worked up a sweat. Ladies, back to my place for watermelon smoothies, or a close approximation pre-made by Costco. It may not contain real fruit. Nevertheless, we're spitting seeds. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News