Lady Victoria Hervey Goes Blue Bikini in Barbados

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bill-swift - December 28, 2013

It's probably not easy being a socialite. Especially with your family kind of on the run from creditors and the whatnot. But Lady Victoria Herveymanages to juggle the pursuits of lunching, shopping, and suntanning with seamless aplomb. The Lady was down in Barbados for her Yuletide extended break from the rugged life of leisure, showing off in a bright blue bikini, letting all the blue bloods in town know she was around for a late afternoon cocktail or arranged marriage or what have you.

I know us Yanks will never quite understand these things, but we do get ogling girls at the beach pretty well. I consider that a particular strength of my own. It's on my resume right between moonlight hiking and taxidermy. Keep up the benevolent work, Lady Victoria. Enjoy.