Lady Victoria Hervey

Lady Victoria Hervey Neon Thong Signals It’s Uncle Bill Sandwich Time

Lady Victoria Hervey likes herself a good Caribbean vacation during the holidays. She’s a tad bit on the socialite gaunt scale, but I could see myself feeding her sandwiches and rapping with her about aristocratic family criminal indiscretions until she packs on enough to be safe in a strong wind. It takes a certain kind of man to turn their innate need for meat switch back to the ‘on’ position. I’d like to think I’m that man, if not the guy who can whine and plead enough to get what I want.

Lady Victoria is just one of many bikini clad celebrities and blue bloods sunning themselves in the tropics over the New Year’s. Unlike generations past, none of these ladies seem to be the least bit tan. I suppose this is an ode to better skin health in the modern age, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss the brownish girls on the beach and their revealing tan lines even more. We may never see that era again. I’ll pour some Coppertone out for the homies. Enjoy.

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Lady Victoria Hervey Goes Blue Bikini in Barbados

It’s probably not easy being a socialite. Especially with your family kind of on the run from creditors and the whatnot. But Lady Victoria Hervey manages to juggle the pursuits of lunching, shopping, and suntanning with seamless aplomb. The Lady was down in Barbados for her Yuletide extended break from the rugged life of leisure, showing off in a bright blue bikini, letting all the blue bloods in town know she was around for a late afternoon cocktail or arranged marriage or what have you.

I know us Yanks will never quite understand these things, but we do get ogling girls at the beach pretty well. I consider that a particular strength of my own. It’s on my resume right between moonlight hiking and taxidermy. Keep up the benevolent work, Lady Victoria. Enjoy.

Lady Victoria Hervey Continues Her Bikini Vacation She Calls Life

With not so many personal responsibilities, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey continues her bikini vacation in Miami well past the time most everybody else took their leave from Miami after the Art Basel hullaballoo over the weekend. Still, she does wear a bikini quite well, and provides the well-practice bending, contorting, and beachy teasy posing. Y

ou know she’s old school beach going simply by the fact she’s not wearing one of the giant floppy hats so many celebrity women wear these days to ensure the evil sun doesn’t touch their perfectly refined dermis. On the other hand, she is British so hopes for a tan remain somewhat genetically disinclined. We’ll keep peeking just in case. Enjoy.

Lady Victoria Hervey Slipping Nipple Slightly Bikini Pictures from Miami

Everybody is in Miami this week, including society women and faux royals like Lady Victoria Hervey, who spends a good deal of her time lunching and tanning and in this case, letting a little nipple try to peek out of her bikini top while hanging out on Miami Beach during the Art Basel hullabaloo.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that a true lady never blushes when she’s putting on an accidental public exhibition, and Victoria seemed to take it all in stride. Just a minor blip in between cocktails and shopping. All in the day’s work of a titled woman. Or, not so much work. Still, we looked, so Lady V wins. Enjoy.

Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures from Her Kind of Royal Italian Getaway

Lady Victoria Hervey is one of those dubiously dubbed royals, coming from a family of Brits with some in-dubious dishonorable reputations, she nonetheless carries the title as she travels about the world hanging with other socialites, suntanning herself, and mostly trying to keep skinny. A little too skinny for our tastes, but we know some of you like them extra lean and lovely. And we have a hard time passing up any celeb in a bikini baking beneath the sun.

Lady Victoria is also this week on the isle retreat of Ischia, where a bunch of the hoity toity class are taking in the sun this time of year. I wish they would let me on that island. I might have to sneak in costumed as a fisherman or an Italian tax collector or something next summer. Where there’s lust, there’s a way. Enjoy.

Lady Victoria Hervey Steps Out in a Yellow Bikini in Miami

Lady Victoria Hervey Raises Cackles With Sideboob at Posh London Event

What does it mean to be a Lady? Well, it is some kind of royal title when your mum and dad are the 15th Earl of so-and-so or the 4th Duchess of Pishposh, or in the case of Lady Victoria Hervey, just barely blue blood tax evaders and pretty much scam artists. Such is the state of royalty, oh, since it’s inception.

What is the real job of Lady Victoria Hervey, the 30-something society girl? Well, dating famous dudes, pretending to operate various boutique businesses, hiding from creditors, and, every now and then to stay relevant, posing in some skin-baring fashion at upscale events to draw the paparazzi cameras in tight, as Lady Victoria did at the Sports for Peace Fundraising Ball in London last night, flashing all kinds of sideboob on the red carpet.

Now, outside of our fate to impregnate Kate Middleton, our passion for royal following is quite limited. However, female flesh, be it regal or common, that we will follow to the ends of the earth. Enjoy.