Lady Gaga Always Working

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Lex Jurgen - August 4, 2016

Lady Gaga has been showing off her tits rather obviously since breaking it off with her fiancé who probably never really intended to marry her. It's somewhere in that moment when she asks you why you always fuck her from behind that you need to start acting like a gentleman and call shit off. Dining in the finest restaurants and Grammy VIP seats is a hoot, but you don't want to spend ten years with a woman penning fierce rape and cutting songs. 

Gaga and Tony Bennett will soon be working on a second album collaboration. A collection of Cole Porter tunes. You're going to want to stay tuned for that if you're still spinning their jazz hit compilation, Cheek to Cheek. Tony Bennett turned 90 today, the age you want to keep making news just so people know you're still alive. You go off the wire for a month and people instinctively start sending flowers to your home. It was nice knowing you, Tony... wait, what? Oh, how embarrassing. 


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