Lady Gaga Thong Song for a New Year

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bill-swift - January 4, 2018


Lady Gaga recently announced she's hitting Vegas soon for a singer in residency. Not sure I'd take time away from my skillful craps talents in which I can maintain myself from losing everything I own for up to almost an hour to sneak away from a big budget stage show featuring topless men with amazing abs, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to revel in Gaga's likely large number of worked out body selfies and thong bikini shots she'll be posting leading up to her new grand Sin City adventure.

If there's on thing Britney and Mariah before her have taught, it's that there's no where to hide any extra in skin tight body suits and glittery thongs on the stage in Vegas. You need to be tip top in your female form preparations. Lady Gaga is clearly leaning into this new reality by the looks of her lean, tattooed body on display in a white thong bikini. She lady can go traditional visual wonderments when needed.

Gaga, you have some skills in the entertainment for men department. While it's clearly neither your key demo or your aim, keep tossing out bones and the guys will keep chomping. You can't fight nature. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter / Pacific Coast News 

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