Kylie Jenner Tiny Dress

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aldo-vallon - October 1, 2018

My ignorant eyes are not very good at placing fabrics, but Kylie’s dress has a sheen to it that looks quite silky so that is the presumption that I am going with. If that really is the material then that dress has got to be one of the most comfortable to ever be worn by a person. There is practically nothing to it. A couple straps and just enough material to cover all the important bits, that is the kind of minimalism that is a win for fashion.

I own one item of clothing that is made out of silk. They are boxers that I splurged on in a moment of drunken weakness, but I regret nothing. They are the most comfy thing I own and I fully intend to include them in my will. I went them passed on in my family for generations to come. I do not know how my grandkids will feel about wearing the grandfather’s ball rag, but if they get the courage to try them on then it won’t matter. All that weirdness will go out the window once they experience the butterfly kisses that silk gives their genitals.

Photo Credit: Backgrid