Kylie Jenner Flaunting Curves on Social Media

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bill-swift - March 4, 2017

Kylie Jenner isn't the queen of this or the gold medal winner of that, but if there's an award for purity of spirit and sextastic exhibitionism, she's right there in the accentuated curves running. I've often referred to Kylie as the perfect Kardashian weapon, much like her older half sister Kim in attitude and certainly shape and desire, but raised on this unlike Kim, giving Kylie a many years head start, not to mention a family library of game plans.

For Kylie, it all starts and stops and starts again on her social media accounts, where when not pimping products to young girls with their parents credit cards, she's exemplifying the hourglass young woman in various state of boobtastic and asstastic show. It may not be the feminist ideal, but it's doing wonders for the leering men, not to mention Kylie's pocketbook. Take a peek at some of her latest and greatest and see if you're not ready to jump her train, or at least slap her caboose. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Instagram