Knowshon Moreno Displays Olympic Quality Hurdles Technique Over Ed Reed

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michael-garcia - December 18, 2012

The Denver Broncos have now won nine straight games and are looking more and more like an unstoppable force. Yes, they lost a few games early, but that was to be expected. Peyton Manning was rusty, a bunch of new players were trying to figure out how to play together, and they played the roughest opening schedule of anyone in the NFL. They lost by six in consecutive weeks to Atlanta and Houston, and then lost by 10 to New England before starting their current win streak.

Now though, the Broncos look like the class of the AFC. Yesterday's 34-17 win over Baltimore on the road was another impressive victory. Also impressive was the the way Knowshown Moreno jumped right over the Ravens' Ed Reed. That's some serious hurdling ability, and it left Reed wondering where the hell Moreno went.

h/t to Kissing Suzy Kolber for the gif.

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