Kirsten Dunst Ravishing And Not A Redhead

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aldo-vallon - October 26, 2017

 Kirsten Dunst has had my heart going on fifteen years now, ever since I saw her as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-man. And though I did feel slightly betrayed when I discovered she was not a natural redhead, I ultimately decided to forgive her. That might seem like a trivial grievance, but it is one that I take very seriously. Redheads get enough abuse in our society, I do not think it is right that they should have all their movie roles given to blondes as well just because of their pasty skin tones. I see no difference between a blonde donning red hair and a white person wearing blackface. It is offensive to the ginger community and I think our society should be sensitive to that. I would like to emphasize that I, myself am not included in the ginger community and have no desire to be associated with them. My reputation is in bad enough shape as it is. If it gets any lower my family just might disown me.

But Kirsten Dunst, she is alright in my book.   


Photo Credit: California Style