Kim Kardashian Bonkers Boobtastic in New York

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bill-swift - June 14, 2017

When Kim Kardashian goes low cut bustier, you know a big meeting is about to happen and somebody's about to get paid. The reality TV star and mega-fortune celebrity something or other brought her big mams out to play in the Big Apple in a revealing top that matches most of her other revealing tops. In fact, it's quite possible a tour through her extensive walk-in closet would reveal nothing PG-13 or under.

Kim's body is often the subject of mockery, but consider how it's affected the world around her. Not only the ogling gentleman who choose to bring her booty and massive teats for a little woman into their fantasy world, but all the other famous pop music divas and reality stars and social media models who fashion themselves almost entirely after Kim. Lust her or not, she's had a massive mammarial impact on the rest of the sextastic celebrity world. Plus free peeks or her peaks. It's all good if only you let it be. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid/Splash News