Kim Kardashian Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Pokies

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aldo-vallon - November 28, 2017

 Seeing Kim in that oddly cut outfit brings back fond mammaries of watching the movie One Million B.C. as a child...and as a teenager...and as an adult. Oddly enough, I could never watch more than ten minutes of that movie at one time. Even watching it in those increments, it only takes a couple of days to get through, and I owe that to my youthful determination. 

I think it is about time that someone takes a shot at dethroning Raquel Welch as the queen of prehistoric boobies, and I think Kim K. might just be the one to do it. It is a dangerous game we would be playing though because we risk turning all men back into club-wielding cavemen who are fighting over her. I keep a club by my bedside for just such an occasion, but it is not like I want to use it. With my build I doubt I would fair very well in such an environment anyway. Based off the looks of some men at the gym I think we have some cavemen still walking among us.   

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram