Khloe Terae Shows Off Her Glammed Up Cleavage In Glitzy Little Dress

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elliot-wolf - July 3, 2018

I doubt there’s anything that can come closer to a dream come true than Khloe Terae. She’s dressed as if she just floated from my imagination into reality. I’d say you’re lying if you told me a woman so perfect owned a pair of feet that actually touched the ground. She deserves to be carried to every destination by any able-bodied individual within arm’s reach. If she’s willing to hire me, I’d do the work for free. Because it’s priceless being in the presence of a woman whose seduction reaches ethereal levels.

Khloe is an angel without question. I wonder how a woman hides her wings so well. Maybe she’ll tell me eventually, but for right now I rather just stick to being infatuated by her heavenly appearance. Women that look that good are rare like diamonds. And that’s probably the reason why she chose to dress up as one. Her outfit is shiny and flawless like she has found a jewelry store that also sells clothes. I can promise to treat her just as special as a precious stone if she promises to never stop being so beautiful. Hopefully that's a promise she promises to make and keep.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA