Kerri Walsh Jennings Veteran Beach Bikini Blonde Gold Medalist

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bill-swift - May 24, 2017

Kerri Walsh Jennings may not be the spring chicken blonde beach volleyballer we all fell in lust with a couple or three Olympics ago, but the late 30's sand dominating statuesque athlete still holds her own in her two piece swimsuit designated as official game-wear. What a truly incredible sport. I say blessings for whoever popularized women's beach volleyball. The men's, meh, who cares.

Kerri's not a hobbyist when it comes to her volleyball. She's out there constantly perfecting her craft. They don't simply give out gold medals for trying hard. She's one of the dominant players in her game the entire world over. Now, I can only hope she takes some time out of her busy schedule to dominate me. When sweaty and in a tight set of Spandex getups. Sweat on me, Kerri. I'll show you my bronze medals. Yes, how they are in my pants. Have you heard this one before? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News