Kendall Jenner Sextastic Grown Up Leggy Goodness

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bill-swift - July 29, 2013

Kendall Jenneris showing more and more reasons why pulling her out of school to model made so much sense. Sure, maybe someday she'll regret her illiteracy (I'd say her mom might regret that decision too, but you have to doubt that), but for right now, Kendall is going where no Kardashian has ever gone before -- fame and paychecks without having to do something scandalous or produce a child or a sex tape.

Featured in this leggy sextastic Gavin Rea photoshoot, Kendall shows the world that she's not waiting until age eighteen to give you alluring and growing up, she's starting right now. Of course, we all have to wait on our end, which hardly seems fair, but when is life ever fair? Just keep quiet, smile, and be happy you live in a land where hot teenage girls do crazy grown up photoshoots and it's all here for you to see in a convenient gallery format. I know I'm happy. Enjoy.