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Sam Robeson - August 25, 2017

Kendall Jenner maintains a world outside of traditional social media platforms reserved exclusively for idiots willing to shell out $24.99 a year for exclusive insider articles such as "The Best Way to Stop Breakouts," "Shop My Sneaker Closet," "Listen to Kourtney's Road Trip Playlist," and "Gimme Your Money You Sad Bitch." 

Pretty much every reality star ho has one of these websites, but "How to Take the Perfect Mirror Selfie" from is the first time I'm seeing one of the insightful pieces, and I am, needless to say, fascinated. Like exploring the colorful inner world of Sam in I Am Sam. Here are Jenner's deets on like, the perfect mirror selfie guys:

Mirror selfies are so fun to take, especially when you have a great outfit on. Below are seven tricks to spice your pictures up.

1. A tight crop keeps things interesting and a little mysterious.

2. Look into your phone instead of the mirror.

3. Popping one leg out will make you appear taller — and a pair of amazing shoes doesn't hurt.

4. If the frame is pretty, fit it into the pic!

5. Grab a friend! It's even better when you're both taking pictures at the same time.

6. If it's all about the outfit and your head isn't showing, keep your phone at chest height and point it down for the perfect angle.

7. Sneak yourself into the photo. A mirror selfie doesn't always have to be obviously all you. It's fun if your followers have to find you in the frame!

I Am Kendall. As anthropologists studying the mind of a modern day prostitute on the go, we should have so many questions. Was this written by Hello Kitty? Or found doodled in a Lisa Frank notebook by a pre teen? Does Kendall follow the same steps when sexting Anna Wintour to advance her modeling career? Check out Kendall adhering to her seven tricks for tricks in the gallery below.

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