Kendall Jenner See-Through Promo Shoot

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bill-swift - February 20, 2017

You can never claim the Kardashians don't put the work in. The work is invariably dressing revealing for photoshoots, but work is work. And you should see the paychecks.

The Jenner sisters are rapidly approaching stratospheric commercial appeal, including more lines of merchandise than you could possibly count, or care to know exists. But when it comes time to pimp and promote, there's Kendall Jenner in a see-though body clinging suit to exhibit her funbags for the sheer promise of selling more units. God bless her and her ambitious heart. And all the fun lady parts surrounding therein. As the least enhanced family member, she's a blessing to see baring her lady parts. A true model body with the looks and empty stare to boot. The complete package. And now mine is tingling. Enjoy.

Photo credit: The Kendall + Kylie DropOne Photoshop