Kendall Jenner Puts on Long and Valuable Leg and Booty Show in L.A.

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bill-swift - June 1, 2013

Not bound but silly frivolities such as having to go to school, teenaged modeling sensation Kendall Jenner has the time to strut about Hollywood and Beverly Hills during the days flashing her increasingly highly-paid for body, including long legs that other Kardashians could only ever dream of. First, in leggings (above), and then a quick change into short shorts (below), Kendall shows exactly why being a statuesque Kardashian is proving to be such a deadly combination.

She may not have the chest of Kim or the mind of Khloe (what??), but Kendall has legs. And Kris Jenner is going to turn those into a small, if not large, fortune. Enjoy.