DiCaprio’s New Squeeze Kelly Rohrbach Super Hottie In Just A Bikini

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bill-swift - July 25, 2015

DiCaprio girlfriend's last about six months or so before they are left to wonder inexplicably how they can be world class models and supremely hot and still be dumped and left on the side of the road. Or, more likely, a port on the Riviera being told it just isn't working out any longer. Such is the lot in life of The DiCaprio chosen. But, for now, SI swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach seems to be reveling in her position of relationship prominence, not to mention that small fact that she is just so ridiculously hot, most especially in bikinis.

Featured in the new Rise City Swimwear promo line, Kelly shows exactly why a guy like Lenny spotted her fine female form and asked one of his assistants to find her phone number. I imagine that's how it goes. For a guy like me to get to Kelly, I'd have to hire an airplane to tail a sign reading 'Please Help Horny Bill' on a beach where she might be shooting. The success rates are relatively low with that strategy. Damn you, DiCaprio!  Kelly, can't we pretend just for one night you love a guy with a decent sense of humor and a Mint in Box He-Man collectible collection? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rise City Swimwear