Katie Price Tight Revealing Sweatshirt

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bill-swift - December 18, 2015

Katie Price is constantly selling something related to her own licensed merchandise lines. Hence, she always needs her headlights on when out and about in London conducting business. The taut pokies are a signal to the world that business is on, also, your nubs are super cold and you're wearing a super tight hoodie. Both are important signals.

Say what you will about Katie Price and the methods to her sales madness, the girl can pimp. She has dozens and dozens of products out there on the virtual and physical shelves under all manner of consumer categories. If she made an easily hand washable hankie, I'd probably buy one and then just look at photos of her all day long because that's called synergy. Katie, there's nothing wrong with day time running lights. Keep them blaring. Toot-too. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI