Katie Cassidy Wet Bikini In Miami

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michael-garcia - August 16, 2016

Arrow star Katie Cassidy was all wet in a tiny bikini after going splishy splashy in the water at Miami Beach. I watch that Arrow show pretty much just so I can look at Katie. Unfortunately they always dress her like an uptight scientist. They need to do an episode where the Arrow gang head to Hawaii and they have to fight crime in bikinis. I'm telling you if you do that during sweeps week you'll rake in the ratings. That's because Katie's body is out of control. She's got a nice set of perkies on her that make a man want to buy her a steak dinner with dessert. She's also got an irresistible booty that I would personally like to see more of. Maybe if we all got together and sent her a bunch of thong bikinis she would wear only that to the beach?

I also like it when Katie crosses over into The Flash, which in my opinion is a much better show. I know some people might disagree with me but those people are wrong.


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews