Katharine McPhee Tight Dress and Long Legs Nominated for Peeper’s Choice

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bill-swift - November 7, 2014

Look, the People's Choice Awards are annually considered to be the dumbest among the dumb celebrity Award shows in season. There is some stiff competition for that nod, but given how they basically get teens in shoe stores to text their picks among marketing staff selected potential nominees makes the People's Choice Awards into basically the fourteen year old girl OMG he's so cute awards. That being said, well, Katharine McPhee in a super short tight dress. Wow.

Katharine was on hand at the People's Choice Awards nomination something or other in Beverly Hills. Hollywood media loves award season and wishes it could be all year round, so they basically invented a bunch of pre-award season events to make that dream a reality. And Katharine McPhee showed up looking like one million leg and booty dollars. Damn, Katharine, you seem to be taking to newly single life with some tremendous aplomb. Good on you. I don't think I'm allowed to vote, but if I could, I'd pull the level for you. I'm simulating such as we speak. Enjoy.