Kate Upton Glammed Up In Lingerie For Yamamay’s 2018

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elliot-wolf - March 10, 2018

Every time I see Kate Upton I fall in love all over again. I’m glad the big guy upstairs hasn’t noticed that one of his angels has went missing because Kate is the definition of a heavenly blessing in human form. There isn’t an article of clothing this women doesn’t look like a million bucks in. Now I have no choice but to keep an eye on Kate during whichever foreign or international project she just happens to be working on. I only speak english at the moment but I'm willing to learn the language of love just to have a conversation with Kate.

I almost missed these wonderful photos of her because I had no idea who or what Yamamay was. But now that I know it’s the overseas company responsible for a very smiley faced Upton I’ll have to look into purchasing a few products from them. So I can give them to Kate on her special day. Everyone has a birthday and everyone likes presents. Hopefully customer service can help me with a possible wish-list she may have left laying around after her photoshoot. Kate’s smile is so soothing she could cure anyone’s bad day and I need to see more of it.


Photo Credit: Splash News