Kate Upton Cleavage in the Big Apple

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bill-swift - July 12, 2013

I imagine Kate Upton turns heads no matter where she goes these days. At least until they discover a land full of bodacious hot young blondes where she might blend in, she's going to stick out. I'd say like a sore thumb but that's not quite accurate. Though I'm guessing she leaves some in her wake.

Kate was cruising the streets of New York in a low cut summer dress flashing a good bit of her world-famous cleavage along with some nice view of her oft-underrated legs to Manhattan folk who mostly just responded by cranking their necks, leering, and imagining what it might be like to row Kate in a boat in Central Park, while she was nekkid. I might be transferring some of my own personal feelings into that generalization. Nevertheless, consider your city majorly blessed when Kate takes a promenade. Enjoy.