Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures Once More

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bill-swift - August 10, 2007

So, if you take a look at the Kate Hudson Archive here on Egotastic!, it's basically just a bunch of Kate Hudson bikini pictures posts. Which is actually fine by me, because I haven't liked a Kate Hudson movie since Almost Famous.

The "big" news about these Kate Hudson bikini pictures, however, is that they feature her new boyfriend, Dax Shepard. That's right, Kate's dating a complete no-name, Hollywood wannabe. Which is probably apropos, since it looks like that's where Kate Hudson's career is going.

If you ask me, though, the big news is Kate Hudson's big ass. When did that thing get so big!?

Update: A lot of people have written in saying that the guy with Kate is not Dax Shepard. I didn't actually think it was him, but that's what the photo caption said. Who knew you couldn't trust the Paparazzi!? She is, however, dating Dax Shepard. Which is still retarded.

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Photo credit: Flynet